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Back Pain First Aid Kit - GIFT OFFER

Give someone you care about a gift of healthier back and a simple tool to heal and prevent the back pain. 

Moves to Relax & Release Your Back

Back Pain First Aid Kit includes:

  • Your Daily Home Exercise Routine - seven movements to relax and restore pain-free motion. The program will take you about 13 minutes to complete. We advise you to do the exercise routine at least once per day, preferably twice a day (morning and evening).
  • Seven lessons will help you understand and master each of the seven exercises mentioned above. Each class is about 20-30 minutes long. We recommend watching and participating in each of the lessons at least once. You may want to revisit those sessions periodically to: 
    • Deepen your understanding of your own anatomy.
    • Clarify the rationale behind each movement.
    • Make sure you maximize your benefit from each of the seven daily movements.
  • Article “Coping with Acute Back Pain” will help you become pain-free. The article covers the following:
    • Essential postures and positions will help you unload the spine and tissues of your back.
    • Instructions on basic activities like rolling out of bed and sitting-to-standing transfers.

About the teacher: 

Marek Wyszynski is the President and Clinical Director of Physical Therapy & Feldenkrais NYC. He is a physical therapist with 30 years of clinical experience, and a Feldenkrais practitioner since 1999. Marek is the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Hip Preservation Certified Therapist. He has published articles in medical journals and conducts continuing education courses. Marek is known for his no-nonsense, thought-provoking teaching that bridges the Feldenkrais Method®, modern, evidence-based physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine, mindfulness practices, and the science of habits.


The material offered in this course is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have any medical condition, consult your medical practitioner about this program. Though the exercises are gentle and should be done slowly and easily, we cannot guarantee their effectiveness. Responsibility for the exercises is necessarily the users.