$197.00 USD

Spine In Motion: Mastering Flexion

 Join this course if you enjoy Marek's style of teaching, a combination of:

  • The theoretical foundation of human motion
  • Understanding your own anatomy
  • Learning through experiencing movement
  • Practical application for daily use
  • Q&A sessions

This workshop is designed to delve into the world of spinal flexion, focusing on techniques and exercises that promote a healthy and resilient back. Participants will learn the fundamentals of spinal flexion, including proper alignment, core engagement, and mobility exercises. Attendees will develop a comprehensive understanding of spinal flexion and its role in maintaining a strong and pain-free back. Join this course online to unlock the potential of your spine and discover the key to a more flexible, functional, and flourishing back.


What to expect

The course includes five 90-minute sessions, each including:

  • Selected Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson.

  • The foundational theory will help you understand your anatomy and the rationale behind the practiced movements.

  • Valuable and practical tips.

  • Do’s and don’ts for healthy extension and arching.

  • Get your questions answered via comment box or email.

  • 10-minute homework recordings to do in between sessions 

  • Lifetime access to the entire course!